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Adam Rayl and Jon Alexis Jr. are locked in the best kind of Ninja battle

There is some DRAMA going on at the Colorado Ninja Challenge.

Tyler Golden (L), Adam Bettcher (R)/NBC

Generally, when you’re talking about a TV show and major drama, you’re talking about some juicy tabloid gossip. This is Ninja Warrior. We only have one type of drama: COURSE DRAMA.

There’s only one weekend left in the Colorado Ninja Challenge where some American Ninja Warrior competitors are eyeing the cash prize for the fastest time on that course. And things are getting tense.

The Colorado Ninja Challenge, put on by Ninja Nation, is offering $20,000 in cash and prizes. Every Saturday and Sunday of October, Ninjas have been racing down their three courses (pro, intermediate, and kids) trying to earn the fastest time. The competition has been taking place on the Bromley Farm in Brighton, Colorado, near Denver.

In an image posted online by American Ninja Warrior Brian Arnold on October 17, we recognized quite a few names on the leader board.

Adam Rayl was leading with a blazing time of 18.93 seconds. Jamie Rahn and Jake Murray were just seconds behind. In the women’s pro division, Jeri D’Aurelio was leading with 44.02 seconds.

Watch Adam totally destroy the course without taking a breath in this video.

Current leader Men's Pro Fastest time for the Month! Who can beat it!? Adam Rayl 18.93 Who wants a piece of the $20,000 purse!? Here are the current Standings: Saturday: $200 Fastest time of the day: Adam Rayl 18.93 Sunday $200 Fastest time of the day: Max Manson 23.24 Current Overall standings for the Month: Mens Pro division: 1st Adam Rayl 18.93 2nd Jamie Rahn 19.79 3rd Jake Murry 21.93 4th Max Manson 23.24 5th Austin Gray 25.14 6th Glen Albright 32.36 7th Brandon Faulkenburg 38.50 Men’s Amateur division: 1st Jim Macur 41.63 2nd Josh Roybal 49.43 3rd Brandon Naccorato 55.34 Women’s Pro division: 1st Suzanne Himka 327.68 Women’s amateur division: No finishers

Posted by Brian Arnold on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

To us, that looked liked it was going to be pretty darn hard to beat. But because we like to confirm our reporting, we asked American Ninja Warrior Brian Arnold if that was still the top time. (Brian is one of the event organizers.)

Here’s his response:

“Adam is now in second! Jon Alexis (Jr.) flew in from the east coast posted the fastest time Sunday. Adam Rayl then retook the lead with another fast time! Jon, at the airport, saw the video of Adam beating him, rebooked his flight and came back to beat Adam’s new time!!!”

Remember, Jon Alexis Jr. was also the fastest finisher in the Minneapolis City Finals during season 10. Apparently he wants to make this a trend. Here’s the video of Jon clocking in with a screaming fast time of 17.4 seconds.

John Alexis Jr. at the Colorado Ninja Challenge

Video courtesy of Brian Arnold and Ninja Nation.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Here are the current rankings for the pro men’s competition

  1. Jon Alexis Jr. - 17.40
  2. Adam Rayl - 17.52
  3. Jamie Rahn - 19.79
  4. Jake Murray - 20.12
  5. Justin Hillsten - 20.45
  6. Matt Wilder - 22.43
  7. Max Manson - 22.70

Things on the women’s pro side have also gone through a shake up. Jeri’s time was beat and now Australian Ninja Warrior Olivia Vivian is in the lead.

  1. Olivia Vivian - 27.61
  2. Melisa Anderson - 29.64
  3. Jennifer Hecht - 33.48
  4. Jeri D’Aurelio - 44.02
  5. Yvette Foose - 57.32
  6. Kim Rahn - 1.08.52
  7. Elizabeth Leslie - 1.15.35

In case those videos were just a blur to you, you can take a closer look at the course with these photos.

There are still two competition days left this month. For all we know, these results could get totally turned on their heads. But one things for sure, we are living for this kind of Ninja drama!