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Watch full episodes of American Ninja Warrior: All your options

Missed an episode? Just need to see it again? We’ve got you covered.

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David Becker/NBC

If you missed any American Ninja Warrior episodes, or you just need to re-live those unforgettable moments, we’ve rounded up the places you can get your obstacle fix.

Some of the episodes can be viewed directly from the website. You just hit play!

Other episodes, like those that are a bit older are now ‘locked.’ So to watch those, you’ll need to sign in with a cable provider, or create an NBC profile.

You could also download the NBC app to a number of different devices, if that works better for you. There still will be instances where you’ll need to sign in with a provider.


YouTube also has all the episodes of season 11. This looks to be a good option if there’s just a couple episodes you want to watch, not the whole season. You can purchase episodes starting at $1.99.

Amazon Prime

There’s a similar setup with Amazon. You can buy HD versions of the episodes at $2.99 each, or snag the whole season for $14.99. Now, if you want to take a walk down memory lane, Amazon will let you download episodes and seasons all the way back to season four.

Google Play

This service has individual episodes at $1.99 and the full season at $12.99.


The episodes are $2.99 each with the season at $14.99. You can also dig your way back to season four with the service.


Vudu has seasons 11 through seven at $1.99 each episode or $12.99 for the season.


NBC Sports Network is currently one of the homes for Ninja Warrior reruns. Check your local listings for air times. Keep an eye on the schedule and set your DVR!

Got any other sources for Ninja Warrior that you like to use? Let us know in the comments!