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Creative Ninja Warrior-inspired Halloween costume ideas

Not your basic Ninja Warrior get-ups.

Yup, we’re one of those people who start celebrating Halloween on October 1st. One of our favorite activities each year is checking out all the incredible American Ninja Warrior inspired costumes that get created every year.

Since we still have to wait until October 31st to see those (SIGH), we’re getting the party started early by sharing some creative costume ideas*! Of course, dressing up as your favorite Ninja is always a given, so we tried to get a little more off-beat with our ideas. Who’s going to get crafty and pull these off? Got additional ideas? Shout them out in the comments section!

*Okay, we’re only half-way serious about some of these.

Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila

David Becker/NBC

Has this been done before? We want to see it. You can hype up your fellow trick-or-treaters! Bonus points if you even make the tower!

Eric Middleton and his bugs

David Becker/NBC

Make a fake buzzer. Walk around all night hitting it and trying to get people to eat bugs.

The Mega Wall

Just watch out for door frames and low ceilings.

Mike Wright

David Becker/NBC

Speedo. Sneakers. DONE. Hope you live someplace warm!

The logo


Wear your Ninja Warrior pride loud and proud!

Drew Drechsel’s Stage Two finish

David Becker/NBC

Whip off your goggles, toss back your hair, and revel in your moment!

The Double Dipper

David Becker/NBC

Go around knocking people over all night. See if you have any friends left. No one likes you.

Happy (early) Halloween!