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Joe Moravsky wants you to keep an eye on this Ninja Warrior prospect

Emmett completed an 18-foot Warped Wall just two weeks after turning 16.

Joe Moravsky

When American Ninja Warrior veteran Joe Moravsky reaches out to you directly, saying he knows a kid you need to pay attention to, you pay attention. As Joe put it, “I’ve been training this kid for a few years now and he’s an animal.”

That’s a pretty ringing endorsement to get from a six-time National Finalist.

Meet Emmett Breen. Here he is taking down an 18-foot Warped Wall, just two weeks after turning 16.

An 18-foot Warped Wall, as in, the MEGA Wall that only six Ninjas were able to beat in competition during Season 10. And Emmett still has three more years before he’s even old enough for the show.

Emmett’s dad gave us some background on what went into pulling off this feat.

“It took him about 15 attempts. Once he knew he could physically get up that high, he then committed to it mentally and he did it! Once he got it he did it a few more times.

Emmett has been training for about 2.5 years and he just started his third season of National Ninja League. He placed 9th nationally (NNL) and was second in New England (NENA) last year.

Joe (Moravsky) saw Emmett do the Salmon Ladder (years ago) and said Emmett had great potential. And then Luis Moco told us about NNL and Emmett started training with Joe as well as at LaidBack Ninja in RI and Emmett was hooked on the sport.

He absolutely wants to be on the show when he is old enough! And if they lowered the age one more time to 18, that day would come even sooner!”

So basically, by the time Emmett is on the show, 18 feet will be the height of regular Warped Wall and the Mega Wall will have to be something like 21 feet. Sure, reasonable. Young Ninjas like Emmett are pushing the show to literal new heights!