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Watch Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez run the course with Barclay Stockett

Laurie is the sideline host of the new show, American Ninja Warrior Junior.

When America Ninja Warrior Junior needed a sideline host, they tapped Laurie Hernandez. Honestly, we’re pretty sure it was one of the best decisions ever. Laurie is a gold medal winning Olympic gymnast, as well as the winner of season 23 of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ and she’s just 18 years old. Youth, athletics, and winning? Yeah, Laurie knows a thing or two.

In order to fully immerse herself in the Ninja Warrior experience, Laurie took on the course and it’s just a sunny delight to watch.

Try not to smile along with this face.

She wasn’t going in blind, though. American Ninja Warrior Barclay Stockett gave her some expert advice.

You know, we weren’t concerned about Laurie’s balance and agility, but check out the grip strength on this woman as well!

She put in WORK on that 13-foot Warped Wall!

What’s more fun: Winning an Olympic gold medal, or hitting a Ninja Warrior buzzer? You be the judge.

Ninja Warrior Junior debuts on Saturday, October 13 at 7 pm on Universal Kids. Matt, Akbar and Laurie will be working with some amazing young Ninjas for the thrilling new show!