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First American Ninja Warrior Experience will take over a gigantic location

Here’s a Ninja’s look at the venue, the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The first stop of the American Ninja Warrior Experience is quickly approaching. The Ninjas will roll into Phoenix, Arizona for the February 10-11 event.

Barclay Stockett, one of the featured Ninjas, and Grant McCartney, the Ninja Ambassador, got to take the first look at the event’s venue.

All we can say is Holy. Moly.

The American Ninja Warrior Experience will be taking over the University of Phoenix Stadium. Even the Ninjas were gobsmacked at how huge this event is going to be.

Barclay will be attending the event as a featured Ninja. This means she’ll be competing in the main event, looking to earn the top spot and take home some cash. But she’ll have to hold her own against the other featured Ninjas, as well as some invited athletes and amateur Ninjas who’ll be hungry to prove themselves.

Grant will be the event’s Ninja Ambassador. He’ll be bringing his trademark energy to the crowd both before and during the event.

There are still tickets available for the inaugural event. Adults and kids can sign up to run the course. You can also snag spectator seats to watch the main event on Saturday night.