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Watch the very first American Ninja Challenge

Brett Sims was one of the first American Ninjas sent to compete in Sasuke.

To understand the devoted fans of American Ninja Warrior, you need to understand the humble beginnings of the now massive show. Back in 2007, G4 broadcast the first ever American Ninja Challenge. The winner of the competition was sent to Japan to participate in Sasuke 19.

In the video above, you can watch that entire first episode. G4 viewers voted on submission videos. The top three Ninjas, Brett Sims, Bryant Powers and Colin Bell, flew to Los Angeles to compete in three different trials.

After tests of speed, strength and endurance, the three Ninjas were handed envelopes that would either contain plane tickets home, or a golden ticket to Japan.

Colin Bell was selected as the winner, with Brett sent along with him as a back up.

But both Ninjas got the chance to compete in Japan. Both also fell on the Jumping Spider. The obstacle was brand new to American Ninja Warriors at the time, but would go on to be a staple obstacle season after season.

Myron Luzniak/NBC

Brett has yet to give up on his Ninja goals even 10 years later. He continued to compete internationally, and is a frequent face on American Ninja Warrior. In season nine, he placed seventh in the Daytona Qualifiers, and fell on the Salmon Ladder in the City Finals.

American Ninja Warrior was created by Sasuke fans and starred fans. By harnessing that passionate foundation, the show has grown exponentially year after year. Now heading into the filming of its tenth season, American Ninja Warrior still inspires its audience and fluidly shifts to capture new devotees.

Special thanks to Travis McClure of ANW Fantasy.Com for bringing this video to our attention!