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Ninja Warrior distractions while you’re hunkered down for the storm

It’s cold and snowy. Stay inside and pass the time with these Ninja Warrior activities.

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Josh Levin, American Ninja Warrior, Los Angeles Ryan Tuttle/NBC

For many, many people on the east coast today, it’s just not a day to go outside if it can be avoided. It’s cold. It’s windy. Snow, flooding, ice... Name it and a lot of you are experiencing it.

We hope you’re all safe and warm, and that you have some help with the strenuous snow removal. If you are stuck inside all day, try to make the best of the situation. Here are some Ninja Warrior activities to help you pass the hours.

Well, obviously, binge episodes of American Ninja Warrior

Even if you’ve seen them before, do these episodes ever really get old? You can find full episodes on Hulu also has season nine for your streaming enjoyment.

Catch up on the National Ninja League

Okay, if you insist that you’re over watching season nine, check out the National Ninja League on YouTube. A ton of the top Ninja Warriors compete in this league when they’re not on the show. It’s a fantastic way to check out new obstacles, watch exciting runs and pick up-and-coming favorite athletes you might catch on the new season.

Quiz your friends and family on Ninja facts

Travis McClure, the mind behind ANW Fantasy, has created some “baseball cards” that detail out the career stats of some well known Ninjas. While more are still on their way, there’s plenty of them available currently.

If you’re snowed in with other Ninja Warrior fans, make a game out of guessing who fell on which obstacle in which season. Bet with push-ups instead of cash.

Get your body moving

It’s tempting to build a blanket fort and hibernate until Spring, but fight the urge! There are plenty of exercises you can do indoors, with minimal equipment. You don’t want to let a storm stand in your path to Ninja glory!

Share your Ninja Warrior thoughts and ideas

American Ninja Warrior fans are sharp, insightful and have opinions. We want to hear them. Have thoughts on the season nine rule change? Want to talk about your ideal Team USA roster? Make a FanPost! You even might spot your work on the homepage.

But no matter how you spend your time during these tough winter days, make sure you stay safe and take care of yourself!