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It’s time to see Jamie Rahn on Stage Three

After seven seasons on the show, he has everything it takes to get there.

Jamie Rahn is a standout American Ninja Warrior no matter how you look at it. He draws viewers’ attention with his bright green hair and flashy costume, but then he keeps their attention with his unquestionable skills.

In season nine, Jamie was one of only two competitors to complete the Cleveland City Finals course. That display of strength is the result of years of training and experience on the show. Jamie’s very first run ended quickly, falling on the Quad Steps in season two. But he returned in season four, ready to jump-start his Ninja career.

In Jamie’s past six seasons on the show, he’s made it to the National Finals five times. While he hasn’t made it to Stage Three just yet, he has everything it takes to make it there and be successful.

Learn more about his Ninja stats on the card above.