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This Ninja has turned himself into a Salmon Ladder virtuoso

Leif Sundberg has trained for years to master stunts and tricks on the iconic obstacle.

Goals are always a hot topic at the start of each new year. January is a perfect time to look at the months that lay ahead and decide to chase what inspires you. But finding the motivation to really get started can be tricky. Sometimes, seeing the results others were able to create with their hard work and dedication can be just the jump start you need.

With that in mind, take a look at what Leif Sundberg was able to pull off in the video above. Leif knows a thing or two about sticking with a goal, and the results are pretty amazing.

Years ago, Leif became fascinated with the Salmon Ladder, a classic American Ninja Warrior obstacle. He set out to be the best at the Salmon Ladder that he could possibly be. He’s gone from just making it up the rungs, to pulling off tricks that have garnered him some viral Internet attention.

After you’re done marveling at his stunts in the video above, read more about how Leif turned himself into a Salmon Ladder master!

Tell us about your American Ninja Warrior experience.

I did compete in Indianapolis on season 8 of American Ninja Warrior. Unfortunately, as I was dismounting from the Disk Runner, the tip of my right shoe dipped into the water... I felt great up to that point, and the rest of the course really played to my strengths. But these things happen! Especially on American Ninja Warrior. The only thing I could do was to use it as a learning experience and to better prepare myself the next time an opportunity arises.

What about the Salmon Ladder fascinated you?

Watching Sasuke and the early seasons of American Ninja Warrior I was always in awe of the Salmon Ladder. I thought it was so cool! It was the ultimate display of power, endurance, and coordination. Early on in my Ninja training, I progressed quickly on it. I thought to myself, “If I put in the training, I really could be one of the best at this.”

How much training did it take to master your first Salmon Ladder?

I trained consistently for about two years until I touched my first Salmon Ladder. I was very confident the first day I tried the Salmon Ladder, but I was not successful! I must have fallen 30+ times that first day. After a few days of rest I went back at it, and my first attempt the second day I nailed it!

What’s the most difficult Salmon Ladder trick you can do?

I would say my hardest trick is performing the entire Salmon Ladder with one arm. I’m 6’3” and 195 lbs, that’s a lot of weight to throw around with one arm!

What trick are you working on next?

I constantly have new ideas running through my head. One thing I’d like to incorporate into my bag of tricks are flips on the salmon ladder. Najee Richardson excels at this, and so I’ve been taking some notes from his videos!

Are you trying to return to the American Ninja Warrior course?

Yes! I did apply for season 10. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I receive the glorious 818 call.