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These runs prove that Allyssa Beird is so ready for a Ninja Warrior return

She’s looking strong and confident in these NNL runs.

We don’t want to jump the gun or anything... But Allyssa Beird is so ready to be back on the American Ninja Warrior course.

Season nine was Allyssa’s breakout season. She was the first woman of the season to clear a Qualifying course, made it to Vegas, and became on the second woman ever to clear Stage One of the National Finals.

To say fans are excited to see her return would be an understatement. And from these videos, it looks like Allyssa is ready for the challenge. Above is her first place National Ninja League run at Action Athletics.

Below is her first place National Ninja League run at Ultimate Obstacles.

In both, Allyssa is looking incredibly strong, confident and fast. Of course, we can’t know for SURE that she’s returning to the show for its tenth season until that’s announced. But we can hope. And, oh wow, are we hoping to see her back at the National Finals making history again!