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Lorin Ball has raced to the buzzer on every season of Ninja Warrior

He’s known for his speed, but that hasn’t over shadowed his success.

Lorin Ball is one of the few competitors that has been on all nine seasons of American Ninja Warrior. His reputation for speed is backed up by his stats. He has been the fastest or second fastest on the course seven times in his career. He’s qualified for the National Finals five out of the six times it has been held in Las Vegas.

In season nine of American Ninja Warrior, Lorin was one of the very few Ninjas to make it to the Ninjago Roll on the Denver City Finals course. He made sure he approached each obstacle carefully, clearing a path to the National Finals after experiencing an early exit in season eight.

Over the seasons, Lorin has honed his ability to balance speed with precision, making him a top competitor. If we see him again in season 10, we’ll probably see him back at the National Finals!