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Santa surprised this little Ninja with her very own obstacle course

She immediately got to work training to be the next American Ninja Warrior.

Brianna is a young American Ninja Warrior in training. She wanted her very own obstacle course and she knew just who to ask: Santa!

Watch as Brianna’s mom calls her into the backyard on Christmas morning for a heartwarming surprise.

Her mom shared with us, “My 6 year old daughter is the biggest fan and made a letter to Santa asking for a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. I've attached the video of her reaction and absolute joy. We empathize the importance of believing in yourself and girl power 100%! We watch all the seasons and she knows all the Ninjas and especially loves the girls like Jessie Graff, Allyssa Beird, and Meagan Martin.

I also wanted to thank you for inspiring her and showing her that girls can do anything! Can't wait for next season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!”

We LOVE seeing young athletes already focused on living out their dreams!