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Jamie Rahn gets candid about his anxiety

He talks about how exercise has affected his mental health in this interview with 2Questions.TV.

Susan Baroncini-Moe, author and executive coach, recently interviewed American Ninja Warrior Jamie Rahn on the subject of mental health and exercise. The interview is an enlightening look at one of the show’s successful competitors.

In the past few months, Jamie has opened up on social media about his own mental health journey.

In his conversation with Susan, Jamie talks about his anxiety and how exercise and little successes throughout the day have helped him manage it.

Jamie relates to the struggle that getting started is the hardest part. While he’s personally chosen to run a 5K every day, he encourages everyone to find something they enjoy so they’ll find the incentive to keep going.

The 16 minute video interview gives us a different view on the confident competitor. Jamie shares his tactics for dealing with fear, including how he felt when facing down the Double Dipper on Stage One in Las Vegas last season.

Jamie Rahn on Stage One in season nine
David Becker/NBC

He shares behind-the-scenes stories and how he really feels right after his falls on the course. Part of his Ninja preparation includes mental training for adaptability. It’s a powerful reminder that our Ninja heroes are so much more than what we see just on the show.