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After 9 seasons, this Ninja has made an unmistakable impact on and off the course

Brian Kretsch is one of the original Ninjas heading into potentially his tenth season of the show.

Fans of American Ninja Warrior are aware of the unfortunate truth that not every Ninja who runs the course makes it on the show. While we would totally watch all 100-120 athletes run in each city, the show would be hours and hours long!

But that doesn’t detract from the accomplishment of making it on to course. One Ninja has competed in every single season, although you might not have heard his name recently.

Brian Kretsch is one of the original Ninja Warriors. In his nine seasons on the show, he’s made it to the National Finals three times. One of his more infamous appearances on the show was in 2015, when he badly injured his leg on the Venice Qualifying course.

But his influence on the Ninja Warrior world doesn’t stop there. Brian has been a part of the NorCal Ninjas on Team Ninja Warrior. The team did well in season two, and were knocked out by Drew Drechsel’s Real Life Beasts in the Team Ninja Warrior finale.

Brian is also a Ninja trainer. He’s worked for years at Apex NorCal in Concord, CA and has a genuine passion for teaching Ninja skills to others. Check out the training videos he created.

While his name might not be mentioned on the show all the time, Brian is well-known in the Ninja community. We hope season 10 is a great success for him!

Learn more about his career stats on the card above.