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Ryan Stratis has been a Ninja since day one

He’s competed on all nine seasons of the show.

As American Ninja Warrior heads into its tenth season of production, we’ve been thinking about its decade of history. Did you know that there’s a small handful of competitors who’ve been on the course since day one?

One such Ninja is Ryan Stratis. He’s appeared on every single season of American Ninja Warrior.

Remember, things were different in the early seasons of the show. There was a bootcamp, and athletes were competing for a shot to travel to Japan and compete on Sasuke. This means Ryan has seen ANW transition through all of these iterations.

Ryan has qualified for the National Finals five out of the six years they’ve been held in Las Vegas. Here’s to hoping he returns for a tenth season!

Learn more about Ryan’s Ninja career on the card above.

We’ll be featuring the other Ninjas who’ve made every season very soon!