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Watch Isaac Caldiero’s first-place UNAA run

The American Ninja Warrior champion doesn’t look like he’s lost his edge.

Isaac Caldiero is at it again! He’s been spotted at a Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association competition at Fortified Fitness in Tennessee.

Isaac took first place at the competition and he put on an awesome run. He navigated a long, tough course while looking downright calm. He pulls off some cool lachés around the four minute mark. Second and third place went to Bobby Zavala and Blake Kirby.

Isaac is best known as the first American Ninja Warrior champion. In season seven, he completed all four stages of the National Finals. His time on the Final Climb just edged out Geoff Britten, who also completed all the stages that year.

Since then, Isaac has kept a low profile, but that seems to be shifting. In 2017, he competed at Rockford Ninja Warriors, as well as a National Ninja League competition. He also competed in Ninja Warrior Germany’s celebrity special.

Now, with this strong run, we can’t help but wonder again if Isaac is considering an American Ninja Warrior return for the show’s tenth season. Do you want to see him back on the course? Tell us in the comments!