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Will the Philadelphia-area Ninjas make history again?

The show returns to the city for season 10.

John Baer/NBC

American Ninja Warrior will return to Philadelphia for the show’s tenth season this year. If the location gives us even a fragment of the action we saw in season eight, it will still be electrifying.

The last time the show was in Philadelphia, fans got two absolutely thrilling nights of runs. The Ninjas and the course brought things to a whole new level. Where do we even start breaking down the highlights?

Ryan Stratis gave us an emotion run during the Qualifiers as he dug deep to complete the course after recovering from shoulder surgery.

In a historic moment, four women, Michelle Warnky, Rachael Goldstein, Allyssa Beird and Jesse Labreck, all qualified for the City Finals. This was more women than ever before.

Moving into the City Finals, we got a closer look at the incredibly tough course. Allyssa Beird battled the Rolling Thunder.

Then, in a moment that projected her to popularity, rookie Jesse Labreck became the first woman to defeat the obstacle. She went on to become the first female rookie to qualify for the National Finals.

But while the Ninjas were stronger than ever, this course was insanely difficult. Jamie Rahn gave us a look at the unpredictability of the Stair Hopper.

Najee Richardson was also unable to defeat the new obstacle, but it was a fantastic night for him as he ran in front of his hometown crowd.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

Chris Wilczewski was just feet away from the buzzer when the strain of the course caught up to him.

The Stair Hopper handed Geoff Britten his first fall after seven consecutive career finishes.

Joe Moravsky lost his grip on one ring of the Invisible Ladder when he was just five feet from the finish. The Philadelphia course is the only time Joe has fallen outside of the National Finals.

When the dust settled from the emotionally exhausting episode, this City Finals course turned in zero finishers for the first time in the show’s history. But it had also given us a new class of Ninjas.

The show will return to the same filming location, the Richmond Power Plant on May 11 and 12, 2018. We’re nervous and excited, but mostly we just can’t wait to see what this region’s Ninjas can pull off!