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Here are the Ninjas on Team North America

We’ll see them compete on USA vs the World on March 11.

David Becker/NBC

The recent announcement of the premiere date for 2018’s USA vs the World also gave us the names of the Ninjas on Team North America.

Joe Moravsky, Najee Richardson, Sean Bryan and Drew Drechsel will face the stages of the National Finals once more. They’ll be looking to score points, attempting to outrank teams from Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

While we don’t have a full roster of all the teams just yet, let’s take a closer look at the highly-skilled Ninjas representing North America.

Joe Moravsky

In season nine, Joe became the last Ninja standing for the second time in his career, falling from the Time Bomb on Stage Three. He’s the only American Ninja Warrior competitor who’s pulled that off so far.

Joe has made it to the third stage of the National Finals four out of his five seasons and has only fallen once outside of Las Vegas. To say he’s consistently successful is an understatement.

This will be Joe’s third time competing in USA vs the World.

Najee Richardson

Najee is a bit of a come-back Ninja. His first season was fairly short, ending with the Pittsburgh Qualifiers. But he took that experience and milked every bit of knowledge out of it. When he returned in season eight, he progressed to the second stage of the National Finals.

In season nine, he made it to the Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger of Stage Three, proving his ability as a top contender. This will be his first time in USA vs the World.

Sean Bryan

Sean is the relative “new kid on the block” in this team. He’s only been on American Ninja Warrior for two seasons, but his skills are undeniable. In season eight, he fell on the Los Angeles City Finals course. But in season nine, he earned the fastest course finish in that location.

At the National Finals, he was able to survive the brutal Wingnut Alley, making it all the way to the Ultimate Crazy Cliffhanger on Stage Three. This will be his first USA vs the World appearance

Drew Drechsel

Drew will bring the most experience to Team North America. He has seven seasons of American Ninja Warrior competition under his belt. In that time, he’s completed 18 courses.

Season nine ended with a bit of a shock for Drew. Slated as a shoe-in for Stage Three, he fell on the final transfer of Wingnut Alley on the second stage. But if there’s one thing fans know about Drew, it’s that his falls drive his determination. He’s heading into USA vs the World with a chip on his shoulder.

Like Joe, this will be Drew’s third time in the international competition.

How do you think these Ninjas will fair once they’re back on the brutal National Finals courses? We’ll all find out on March 11, when USA vs the World airs at 7 pm on NBC!