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American Ninja Warrior races back to Indianapolis

The city gave fans a bundle of fantastic moments in season eight.

Joe Robbins/NBC

On April 29 and 30 of this year, American Ninja Warrior will light up Monument Circle in Indianapolis for the Qualifiers and City Finals. This will be the show’s second visit to the location.

In season eight, the show set up its first-ever curved course to take advantage of the unique location. The city also gave us some of the most memorable runs of the year.

Meagan Martin completed the Qualifying course for a historic third consecutive season.

She then made it to the back half of the City Finals course for the first time in her career, qualifying for the National Finals.

Zach Gowen had us all in tears when he removed his prosthetic leg and poured his heart into the course.

Jake Murray backflipped up the Warped Wall on his way to the buzzer.

Ian Dory completed his third City Finals course in a row.

Brian Arnold also completed the course, rounding out one heck of a night for the Wolfpack Ninjas.

But it wasn’t all fun and games. The course had some bite to it. The Rolling Log tossed many Ninjas, including Lorin Ball.

You can’t visit Indianapolis and not talk about racing! A few professional drivers took on the course as well. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. fell victim to the Rolling Log.

Hélio Castroneves faired better, making it to the Fly Wheels.

American Ninja Warrior will return to Indianapolis for its tenth season in April. What do you think we can expect from the city?