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Miami has always brought the heat to American Ninja Warrior

For season 10, the show will return to the city for the fourth time.

John Parra/NBC

When American Ninja Warrior returns to Miami in season 10, it will be the show’s fourth visit to the city. There’s a reason they can’t get enough of the location: Miami has always been home to spectacular runs.

Season Four

Way back in 2012, Ninja Warrior first set up camp in Miami for the Northeast and Southeast regional competitions. This provided us with one of the earlier looks at the show’s development into its current format.

Season Five

When the course returned in 2013, everything around Ninja Warrior was picking up steam. Miami became “home” for some legendary Ninjas.

Flip Rodriguez

Drew Drechsel

Travis Rosen

Ryan Stratis

Season Six

The show was last in Miami in 2014. The runs here proved to be pivotal chapters in the Ninja careers of many competitors.

This is where JJ Woods kicked off the season that would include his first trip to Stage Two!

Technically, this was Drew Drechsel’s “worst” season on the show. Season six was the only time he didn’t qualify for the National Finals.

But it was another great season for Ryan Stratis, who would make it to the second stage in Las Vegas.

Just because the show hasn’t returned to Miami in a few seasons doesn’t mean we’ve missed that Florida flavor! American Ninja Warrior was in Orlando for season seven and Daytona for season nine.

The show will set up in Miami once more to film on April 13 and 14. We have no doubts the city will pick up right where it left off, giving us another exciting addition to the show’s history.