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This Super Salmon Ladder is evil and amazing

Luis Moco created a Salmon Ladder that literally has no end.

American Ninja Warrior Erica Cook shared a video for #FailFriday that had us stunned. Not because she had a particularly spectacular fail (she did a great job, actually), but because we’ve never seen anything like this insane Salmon Ladder!

Here’s James McGrath showing off Luis Moco’s “Infinite Salmon Ladder.” AKA: The Punisher. Whatever they want to call it, we’re kind of obsessing over this thing.

It’s like taking the Super Salmon Ladder from the All-Star Skills Challenge and making it ENDLESS.

Allyssa Beird gave this thing a shot as well. It’s great, we love it. We don’t want to personally experience it, because it’s terrifying, but we want to see ALL the Ninjas try it out!

PS: Luis also created the “Get in the Van” video series, if you want to watch some fun and hilarious Ninja conversations.