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Watch Ninjas run like mad for #MinuteCourseMonday

This Instagram challenge sent them racing for the buzzer.

Flip Rodriguez/Instagram

We’re used to seeing athletes fly through the American Ninja Warrior courses. But it’s not as effortless as it looks. Speed is a skill that, just like strength, needs to be worked on.

Enter #MinuteCourseMonday. We know the Ninjas love a good Instagram hashtag challenge, so they jumped at the chance to take their speed training up a notch. The goal is simply to complete a course in 60 seconds or less.

Ethan Swanson led the #MinuteCourseMonday charge.

Other Ninjas quickly started sharing some mind-blowing runs. Like this 18.82 second run from Flip Rodriguez.

Adam Rayl busted out the rocket boosters as well.

Grant McCartney had an adorable audience for his submission.

Sean Bryan went for speed while also impersonating other Ninjas like Ryan Stratis and Drew Drechsel.

Scott Willson kept Flip and Adam on their toes.

Arnold Hernandez exploded through the course at the new MLab location.

The videos have inspired dozens of other Ninjas to push their speed to the limit, making #MinuteCourseMonday perfect for training any day of the week!

Are you going to give this challenge a try?