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American Ninja Warrior’s 2018 cities and taping dates

Here are the six locations for season 10’s Qualifiers and City Finals.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

The wait is over! American Ninja Warrior’s locations and dates for season 10 have been announced!

Los Angeles, CA: Universal Studios back lot, March 6-7

Dallas, Texas: Fair Park, March 25-26

Miami, Florida: Bayfront Park, April 13-14

Indianapolis, Indiana: Monument Circle, April 29-30

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Richmond Power Plant, May 11-12

Minneapolis, Minnesota: US Bank Stadium, May 25-26

Las Vegas, NV: June 18th – 24th

Each of these cities will host a City Qualifiers and a City Finals. From there, the best of the best Ninjas will continue on to the National Finals. Only Minneapolis is new to the Ninja Warrior game this season. The other five locations have all previously hosted the competition.

Audience tickets to these tapings are not available yet, but you can sign up for the wait list here.