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Flashback to David Campbell’s 2010 backyard course

Check out the Ninja Godfather’s homemade obstacles.

American Ninja Warrior-style obstacles have popped up in backyards all over the place lately. But they weren’t always so common. Back in 2010, one long-time Ninja Warrior showed off his unique homemade course.

Alison Haislip, who co-hosted Ninja Warrior from seasons 1-3, stopped by David Campbell’s backyard course over seven years ago. Check out the obstacles he built by hand, as he talks about the international competitions that helped inspire him.

David is joined in the clip by Brian Kretsch and Travis Furlanic. All three were early adopters of American Ninja Warrior who became some of the very first competitors. The video is a fun reminder of how Ninja Warrior has developed from a unique hobby to a wide-spread sport!