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Jessie Graff challenges you to eat more veggies

How many points can you get in a day?

When you’re as serious about fitness as Jessie Graff, you also need to be serious about nutrition. The American Ninja Warrior kicked off 2018 by issuing a veggie challenge. By turning veggie consumption into points, Jessie has created an engaging way to do something good for your body.

Who doesn’t like racking up points? Here’s how Jessie broke down the rules.

  • 1 serving veggie= 1 point
  • 1 serving dark green= 2 points
  • If you get 8-12 points/day for a whole month... you advance to level 2!
  • Fruits and legumes are awesome, but do not count for points in this game.
  • Corn and potatoes are starches (not vegetables).

It’s inspired Jessie to find creative ways to find veggies everywhere she looks.

She’s not playing the game alone either. A lot of Ninjas have joined in, like Tiana Webberley and Barclay Stockett.

Okay, Jessie has issued you a challenge! How many points do you think you could score in a day?