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Between Jessie and Kacy, this teaser for the new episode is an emotional rollercoaster

Are we excited? Are we sad? WE DON’T KNOW.

The teaser trailer for the September 11 episode of American Ninja Warrior is giving us all kinds of confusing feelings.

First up, there’s the reminder that there’s only two episodes left. Exciting because it means we’re SO close to finding out if we have a new champion. But also... what the heck will we do without new American Ninja Warrior every week?

Then we get the reminder that Jessie Graff will be back on the course. So. Much. Yes. You know something exciting is going to go down. Here she is landing the Propeller Bar.

Then the trailer gives us a few more shots of Jessie on the course which we’re not including here because... well... there aren’t enough spoiler warnings in the world. Watch for yourself if you dare.

Then they remind us that Kacy Catanzaro is running and hype us up with her past accomplishments. Okay, we’re getting that “something big is about to happen” feeling.

Oh yeah. What’s happening is that Kacy is LEAVING US. She reminds us this could possibly be her last run ever. (She’ll need to defeat Stage One for us to see her again on Stage Two.) Kacy has announced she’s retiring from Ninja Warrior.

“I want to go out the best that I can and make people proud,” Kacy says while getting a little choked up.

Also, Kacy’s shirt has her dear sweet pup Mr. Mogley on it. Mr. Mogley is Kacy and Brent Steffensen’s pupper who passed away in April. Oh jeez, the feelings.

Someone hold us. We’re not emotionally prepared for Monday at 8pm.