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Nick Hanson made it to the buzzer in the nick of time

He had us extremely worried for a moment there!

During American Ninja Warrior’s National Finals in season eight, Nick Hanson saw his shot at Stage Two slip through his fingers. He completed every obstacle, but he reached the Stage One buzzer just two painful seconds after time had expired.

This year, Nick made sure not to let that happen again. He was off and running.

Nick was slightly tangled on the Propeller Bar but he remained calm and got out of there.

Then he blazed through the Jumping Spider.

On the Warped Wall, he stumbled on his first attempt.

But he made a quick recovery and bounded over it.

Nick headed for the cargo net of the Flying Squirrel with 26 seconds left on the clock.

Things got dicey as the dreaded 10 second countdown began and Nick was still climbing. Everyone on the sidelines and watching at home were screaming at him to move it!

With just five seconds left, Nick made it! His good friend Grant McCartney was visibly relieved.

As was Nick! With that behind him, he’s off to Stage Two!