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Josh Levin ruled over Stage One for two Ninja Warriors

When an injury ended Charlie Andrews’ season, Josh knew he needed to hit that buzzer for both of them.

Josh Levin had a very important job at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. During Stage One, he needed to hit the buzzer for two Ninjas: Himself and Charlie Andrews.

Josh’s sophomore season on the show has been pretty incredible. He hit the buzzer in both the Los Angeles Qualifiers and the City Finals. Making it all the more special was that he did it alongside his best friend Charlie, who also hit both buzzers.

The two were excited to take on the National Finals together. However, before they could get there, Charlie fractured his skill in a terrifying training accident. While his recovery is going well, it ended his American Ninja Warrior season.

As Josh started down the course, he knew he needed to finish what he and Charlie had started.

Charlie was there on the sideline to support his friend’s run.

Josh flew down the course with ease. He didn’t even look flustered while reaching for the Propeller Bar.

On Parkour Run, he saved time by landing the dismount on the first swing past it.

Josh wasn’t rushing himself though. He walked to the Warped Wall, conserving his breath but moving forward.

He looked determined as he sized up the Domino Pipes.

Still with time left, he didn’t need to push himself through the Flying Squirrel.

After he hit the buzzer, Josh immediately turned to acknowledge Charlie on the sidelines.

We’ll see if Josh can continue his streak of buzzers when he takes on Stage Two!