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Jesse Labreck just keeps improving and her latest run showed it

She defeated the obstacle that took her out last season and was just feet from beating the course!

Jesse Labreck approached Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals with high expectations. She’d hit the buzzer during her Qualifying run in Cleveland, and had finished in the top 15 during the City Finals.

During season eight’s National Finals, Jesse fell at the Jumping Spider. This year, she was poised to go all the way. While Stage Two would elude Jesse this season, her final run was a display of how her skills have advanced over her two seasons.

Jesse cruised through the Propeller Bar. The obstacle that had been so challenging last year was not an issue this season.

We got a cool view of the Double Dipper track before Jesse seamlessly landed the transfer.

On her old foe, the Jumping Spider, Jesse overcame last season’s dilemma. She looked like a seasoned pro as she quickly hopped through.

Things got a little bogged down on Parkour Run. Jesse was cautious on the steps, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s always a little scary on a timed course.

Then Jesse missed the landing platform on her first swing through.

The second swing came up with the same result.

After finally getting some momentum built back up, Jesse was able to get her feet on the landing.

Jesse lost some precious seconds on that obstacle. But she still had time as she finished the Warped Wall. She’d need to move fast.

With 26 seconds left on the clock, Jesse was on to the Flying Squirrel. We’ve seen Ninjas make it with that amount of time left before. She could pull this off!

The cargo net looked to be in Jesse’s hands, which is why everyone was shocked when she suddenly tumbled down.

Maybe Jesse was tired from the run, or maybe she was rushing just bit too much, but in that split instant, her season came to an end.

However, that was one of the best runs ever from a woman on Stage One! She’d been within just a few feet of the buzzer. That’s surely going to be a motivating factor for Jesse to come back next season with a vengeance.