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JJ Woods took risks on Stage One and they paid off big time

He went big to make sure he wasn’t going home.

JJ Woods has spent season nine of American Ninja Warrior seeking revenge on the course. In season eight, he had a very early fall in the Qualifiers on the Big Dipper, only the second obstacle on the course.

JJ pushed himself hard in both the Daytona Qualifiers and City Finals this season, rising back to the top. Since he didn’t make it to the National Finals last season, JJ knew he needed to make the most of it this time around.

He was a little hung up on the Propeller Bar, but he didn’t let it get in his head.

Then, JJ needed to take on the Double Dipper. Essentially, this is a super sized version of the Big Dipper that had ruined season eight for him. JJ has always maintained that using a switch grip on that obstacle was his downfall. So this time around, he locked his hands in place both facing forward.

It worked like a charm! JJ got so much air he actually missed the first landing pad and landed on the second one. Luckily he was unharmed and quickly continued his run.

That wasn’t the only trick JJ had in store. On Parkour Run, the general strategy was to launch from the fourth step, to the fifth, and then grab the rope and swing to the landing platform.

JJ had other ideas. He stood up on the fourth step and launched himself right over to the landing.

Look at the distance he had to clear!

JJ caught his breath before he sprinted over the Domino Pipes.

Flip Rodriguez and Tiana Webberley looked on with huge smiles as their friend and training partner cleared the Flying Squirrel with plenty of time left on the clock.

Fully redeemed, JJ Woods is now on to Stage Two!

Stage Two of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals will debut on September 18.