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Barclay Stockett closed out her season the way she started it: Strong

There was a good chance she could have finished Stage One if time had been on her side.

The phrase “Barclay Strong” has taken hold during American Ninja Warrior season nine due to the rise of Barclay Stockett. Throughout the San Antonio Qualifiers and City Finals, the former gymnast has been blowing fans away with her strong runs. In the City Finals, she completed the Warped Wall and made it all the way to Hourglass Drop before falling.

In the National Finals, Barclay put together a run that was worthy of all the hard work that she put into this season.

She started down the Double Dipper track a little crooked, but she quickly fixed that and became the first woman of the night to pass this obstacle.

She absolutely nailed the entrance to the Jumping Spider. She used every inch of her frame to wedge herself in between the walls.

On Parkour Run, Barclay had one slip on the fourth step. It was a scary moment, but she hauled herself back up and continued on.

She was looking strong as she left the obstacle behind her.

But before she began the Warped Wall, Barclay dropped to her knees. It was a tense moment as the clocked ticked down.

She looked to be calming her breath and trying to refocus on the course.

After slipping on her first attempt at the Wall, she started her second run up with just 14 seconds left on the clock.

She landed it and sprinted towards the Domino Pipes. But it was apparent there just wouldn’t be enough time for her to finish.

She hurled herself on to the trampoline of the Flying Squirrel, but there was no point. Her time was up.

Aside from time management, it was stellar run. There was no reason to think she wouldn’t have been able to finish the Flying Squirrel and hit the buzzer. Barclay took a bow to cap off her season. We’re sure this experience will make her an even stronger competitor next season!

Barclay has wrapped up her season nine, but the second half of the 100 National Finalist Ninjas will run the course on September 11.