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Lance Pekus pulled off one of his best runs ever for a very personal reason

The Cowboy Ninja wanted to make his wife proud and, oh wow, did he pull it off.

When American Ninja Warrior competitor Lance Pekus revealed his wife Heather was struggling with multiple sclerosis, it was a deeply emotional moment.

Lance took all that emotion and turned it into one of the best runs of his Ninja career. He blazed through the course without even trying. Even as he slowly walked to the buzzer, he claimed the fastest time of the night.

His wife Heather was at home with their children, watching on Skype, as Lance climbed to the buzzer.

Instead of running to the finish, Lance slowly walked, savoring the moment, and giving us all a little surprise: He had a teeny tiny cowboy hat for the buzzer!

After making all of us proud, Lance sent his love to his family.

His inspiring season will continue when he goes on to Stage Two of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals.