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Joe Moravsky took a refreshing dip after that blistering run to the buzzer

Joe has made Stage One his playground, so this year he had a little fun with it.

Joe Moravsky has never failed on Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. Which also means he’s never gotten to take a refreshing dip in the pools during those hot Las Vegas nights.

Season nine would be no different for Joe, with one exception: He planned on cooling off after his run.

In his trademark style, Joe whipped through the course at top speed, pushed along by fast obstacles like the Double Dipper.

On Parkour Run, Joe was off balance on the landing, a moment that made him and all the fans nervous.

The incident might have led Joe to slow down just a tad. He took a brief pause before racing up the Warped Wall.

But he was back at full speed on the Domino Pipes.

He hit the buzzer with over 42 seconds left on the clock, claiming the fastest time to that point of the night.

It was 100+ degrees the night this was taped. So understandably, Joe was a little heated. Now that the clock had stopped, it was safe for him to hit the water.

We’ll next see Joe when he takes on Stage Two of the National Finals on September 18.