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Allyssa Beird took down Stage One, became only the second woman to do so

Allyssa has been on the rise all season. Her first run at the National Finals was the ultimate showcase of her skills.

Allyssa Beird has been a top American Ninja Warrior competitor since her rookie year in season eight. She went from one of the four women to qualify for the Philadelphia City Finals, to the first woman to hit a buzzer in season nine.

But on the Stage One course of the National Finals, we got a clear picture of just how talented this athlete is as she breezed through the course to make history.

The Propeller Bar was a challenge last year, but Allyssa got a perfect jump off the trampoline and locked in.

On Parkour Run, she used a bit more caution, but no less confidence. Her strategy assured that she made it through while wasting no time trying to correct a mistake transferring to the landing.

The Warped Wall in the National Finals has a shorter run up, but Allyssa still landed it on her first attempt.

Again on the Domino Pipes, she took a split second to plan her route, allowing her to know exactly where she wanted her feet to go.

Suddenly, the fifth grade teacher only had one obstacle between her and the buzzer and plenty of time left on the clock.

Allyssa got both grabs on the Flying Squirrel and lached to the cargo net. This didn’t even look like a challenge to her!

Hitting the buzzer made Allyssa Beird only the second woman ever to complete Stage One! She joins Jessie Graff in the history books. In a few weeks, we’ll see this incredible Ninja take on Stage Two!