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Alexi Matousek’s City Finals run just slipped through his fingers

The surgeon was SO close to beating the I-Beam Gap before his grip gave out.

Alexi Matousek is a cardiothoracic surgeon who somehow manages to find time to train for American Ninja Warrior between his work and time with his family.

In the Cleveland Qualifiers of season nine, he made it into the top field that advanced to the City Finals. There, he planned to defeat the obstacle that ended his Qualifying run, the I-Beam Gap. But just inches would separate him from his goal.

Alexi survived the Rolling Log, which never looks like fun for any Ninja.

His precise footwork on Razor’s Edge got him safely across that obstacle.

On the Ring Jump, he was picking up some speed.

Then Alexi was back at the difficult I-Beam Gap. He first had to navigate the 90 degree transition. It took him a moment, but he figured it out.

Then he had to face the gap. He’d need to spin around in mid-air and grab the tiny ledges of the beam behind him. Once he accomplished that, Alexi just had to lower himself down and hold on until the landing pad was close enough.

He was just INCHES from the dismount when his grip suddenly gave out. It was a shock to everyone watching. It had looked like it was a sure bet that he’d beat the I-Beam Gap.

The slip brought Alexi’s season to an end, but he’ll always have American Ninja Warrior on his impressive resumé now!