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Morgan ‘Moose’ refused to give up on this run

Morgan Wright stumbled more than once on the Kansas City Finals course, but he wasn’t going down without a fight!

Morgan “Moose” Wright was one of the characters on American Ninja Warrior season nine. He’s a P.E. teacher who pays his children for exercising, not chores. And he loves wearing his trademark moose hat.

In the Kansas City Qualifiers, Morgan fell at the Bar Hop, but it cleared him through to the City Finals. Back on the course, he was ready to put it all on the line, no matter what happened.

On the second Floating Step, he slipped and had to make a fast recovery.

Once he reached the landing platform, he lost his balance, spun around and swung back over the water. But his grip on the rope stayed firm and he survived.

On the Broken Pipes, Morgan suffered a face-plant that was hard to watch.

But don’t worry, people. He’s okay!

On Crank It Up, things were back on track.

He defeated the Bar Hop that took him out in Qualifying.

But after the dismount, he sat down and grabbed his ankle. The Moose looked injured.

He missed his first attempt at the Warped Wall and limped back to the edge of the platform.

Then, he just shook it off! His next run up was much stronger and he grabbed the ledge.

Are you just messing with us, Moose?

However, on the next obstacle, the Salmon Ladder, he missed the first jump up. While he did fall, he never let go of the bar, hanging there with his feet in the water.

After one wild ride, the Moose was out but he still qualified for the National Finals!