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Jamie Rahn is now a married Ninja!

Their wedding was full of Ninja Warrior guests and details.

Captain NBC is hitched! The American Ninja Warrior veteran married Kim Wienches in a Ninja-filled wedding!

0 days left!!! I'm married with 0 regrets! :)! #relationshipgoals

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Kim was a stunning bride.

It seemed like almost every Ninja came out for the event! Michelle Warnky, Mike Bernardo, Allyssa Beird, James McGrath, Drew Drechsel, and Jesse Labreck were just SOME of the guests in attendance.

That, of course, meant they needed to have a handstand contest on the dance floor.

Check out the little Ninja Warrior details they included. (Click through Michelle’s post to see them.) LOVE the green wigs on the statues!

It was pretty much a Ninja Warrior fairytale event.

Congrats Jamie and Kim! We wish you many, many years of health and happiness!