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Joe Morvasky seemed almost invincible as he became the last Ninja standing

On Stage Three, Joe hung on through six grueling obstacles to go farther than any other competitor.

After hitting every buzzer placed in front of him all season, Joe Moravsky faced Stage Three of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals.

Joe wanted this to be his year. He wanted that $1 million. In season six, he was the last Ninja standing on Stage Three. In his five seasons on the show, he’d made it to Stage Three four times.

This looked to be Joe’s moment.

After the Floating Boards and the Keylock Hang, Joe was on to the Nail Clipper. This was no big deal for him, he’d already beaten it on the Cleveland City Finals course.

Then it was the Ultimate Cliffhanger. Sean Bryan and Najee Richardson (the other Stage Three competitors) had fallen here. This was the first big moment on the course.

Joe navigated every crazy leap. If he finished the obstacle, he’d officially be the longest lasting season nine Ninja.

He did it! After a brief shakeout of the arms, he went on to the Curved Body Prop.

After that, he faced the brand new Peg Clouds.

With no place to rest, Joe hung upside down for a moment while he evaluated what was in front of him.

In the Peg Cloud, he had to get a little creative. He wrapped his legs around his arms as he moved each peg farther down the course.

Joe still have more to give as he finished the absolutely brutal obstacle.

Again looking for a rest with none in sight, he hung his leg over one of the pegs and tried to shake out his arms before going on to Time Bomb.

With every bit of the strength he had left, Joe worked on the seventh obstacle. He tried to latch on to the third hook, but fell away from it.

He regained his focus and took one more swing at the third hook. But once again, he JUST missed it.

Finally, after appearing to be invincible, Joe’s grip peeled off the oddly shaped hold. In the water, he knew exactly how close he’d been to saving it.

But, even with that fall, Joe racked up the accomplishments this season. He’s the last Ninja standing for a second time, and he made it farther than he ever had before on Stage Three!

That run closed out season nine of American Ninja Warrior. We’ll have to wait till season 10 to see if anyone gets a shot at the rope climb of Stage Four!