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Sean Bryan was the first to figure out how to survive Wingnut Alley

Sean gave us hope that Stage Two wouldn’t be a shut out for the Ninjas.

It was almost half way through the American Ninja Warrior season nine finale when Sean Bryan stepped up to the course. We had no finishers on Stage Two yet and Wingnut Alley was turning into a dismal Ninja graveyard.

Sean Bryan is known as the Papal Ninja for his deep devotion to his faith. All season long, he’d been putting up incredible runs, finishing both the Los Angeles Qualifiers and City Finals, with the priests he works with supporting him on the sidelines.

It seemed like on Stage Two, we’d all need to pray for a finisher, but Sean Bryan stepped in and handled the course for us!

On the Criss Cross Salmon Ladder, Sean moved up eight rungs in three huge moves.

After the Wave Runner, he stopped for a quick prayer.

He moved through the Swing Surfer easily. Then it was on to Wingnut Alley. So far, this has taken our every single Ninja who’d attempted it. Before Sean jumped to the first handle, he took a good, hard look at the path he needed to follow.

Everyone nervously watched as he began his leaps from Wingnut to Wingnut.

As he moved to the last Wingnut, we were cautiously optimistic. But he still had to handle the dismount, which had proved to be an issue for others.

It looked a little bit like a Hail Mary jump, but Sean definitely got some air!

He landed firmly on the pad, taking a seat! He was the first to clear Wingnut Alley!

Sean brushed the Wall Flip out of his way and hit the buzzer, becoming the first Ninja to clear Stage Two!