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Najee Richardson turned a difficult National Finals course into a walk in the park

He stayed calm. He kept smiling. And he took flight.

Okay, we know we’ve said this before this season, but dang, Najee Richardson is just so much fun to watch on the American Ninja Warrior course.

Throughout his Cleveland Qualifying and City Finals run, and his Stage One run at the National Finals, Najee never fails to look like he’s enjoying himself. He approaches the obstacles with bubbly fascination and seems genuinely excited as his figures out each one.

The mentality seems to be working for him. On Stage Two, Najee seemed relaxed all the way through a course that only three Ninjas could complete.

In season eight, Najee went out on the Salmon Ladder on Stage Two. This season, he was skipping rungs and going backwards.

He’d never faced the Wave Runner in competition. He kept an eye on it as he went, but it didn’t slow him down.

On Wingnut Alley, Najee was right at home. He’s a natural at flying through the air. Massive laches are right in his wheelhouse.

But, Wingnut Alley had defeated the majority of the Ninjas who tried it, so Najee needed to take this seriously. He built up a big amount of momentum for the final leap.

And he was off! He stuck the landing so firmly that he sprinted right off to the Wall Flip. No need to steady himself, no faltering.

You could see the smile bursting onto Najee’s face as he easily handled the walls.

He was basically laughing with joy as he hit the buzzer.

Najee was only the second Ninja of the night to beat Stage Two! Now, he’d get his chance to play on Stage Three.