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Watch Joe Moravsky lay Stage Two to waste

Joe launched himself at the difficult course and absolutely dominated it.

Joe Moravsky was hungry for Stage Two of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals. In season eight, he was taken out by the Wave Runner on that stage. It must have been an odd sensation for the Ninja veteran. In his four years on the show to that point, he’d never missed a shot at Stage Three.

Back for season nine, Joe was not about to let that happen again. He came back focused, determined, and a little angry.

As soon as the Wave Runner was in his sights, he was wagging his finger at it, warning it he was on his way.

Joe cruised past the obstacle easily. No small mistake there this season.

But then Joe was faced with Wingnut Alley. This thing decimated the field of Stage Two Ninjas. Of the 41 Ninjas who took on Stage 2, 25 of them fell here.

The audience alternated between screaming and holding their breath as Joe navigated the turns and laches.

Then there was the dismount. This had proven to be a roadblock for many big name Ninjas. The audience couldn’t take their eyes off Joe as he went for the landing pad.

But he did it!!! He was safe.

Joe aggressively bowled over the Wall Flip and slammed the buzzer, staring towards Stage Three.

Joe became the third Ninja of the night to clear the very difficult Stage Two of American Ninja Warrior season nine.