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Here are the results of every Stage Two run

Only 3 Ninjas moved on, but 41 elite athletes took on Stage Two!

David Becker/NBC

41 American Ninja Warrior athletes stepped up to Stage Two of season nine. Only three would advance to Stage Three.

But becoming a Stage Two finalist is an important accomplishment. It means that Ninja has risen to the top of the competition. They either waited in a walk-on line, or were selected from the tens of thousands of application videos.

It means they faced a Qualifying course. It means they’ve taken on a City Finals course and put everything on the line to move forward. They faced the pressure of the National Finals and survived the time limit of Stage One. It means they’re elite.

Congratulations to every Ninja who competed on Stage Two. We hope to see them all back in season 10!

David Becker/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Ryan Stratis: Ring Swing
  • Michael Silenzi: Ring Swing
  • Nick Hanson: Criss Cross Salmon Ladder
  • Allyssa Beird: Criss Cross Salmon Ladder
  • Nicholas Coolridge: Criss Cross Salmon Ladder
  • Josh Levin: Wave Runner
  • Nick Kostreski: Wave Runner
  • Tyler Gillett: Wave Runner
  • Cass Clawson: Wave Runner
  • Eric Middleton: Wave Runner
  • Dave Cavanagh: Wave Runner
  • Mike Bernardo: Swing Surfer
  • Ian Dory: Swing Surfer
  • Sean Darling-Hammond: Wingnut Alley
  • Grant Clinton: Wingnut Alley
  • Andrew Lowes: Wingnut Alley
  • Drew Knapp: Wingnut Alley
  • Karson Voiles: Wingnut Alley
  • Jon Alexis Jr.: Wingnut Alley
  • JJ Woods: Wingnut Alley
  • Abel Gonzalez: Wingnut Alley
  • Brian Arnold: Wingnut Alley
  • Adam Rayl: Wingnut Alley
  • David Campbell: Wingnut Alley
  • Tyler Yamauchi: Wingnut Alley
  • Jody Avila: Wingnut Alley
  • Kevin Bull: Wingnut Alley
  • Travis Rosen: Wingnut Alley
  • Flip Rodriguez: Wingnut Alley
  • Matthew Ilgenfritz: Wingnut Alley
  • Thomas Stillings: Wingnut Alley
  • Brent Steffensen: Wave Runner
  • Jamie Rahn: Wingnut Alley
  • Hunter Guerard: Wingnut Alley
  • Lance Pekus: Wingnut Alley
  • Daniel Gil: Wingnut Alley
  • Josh Salinas: Wingnut Alley
  • Drew Drechsel: Wingnut Alley
  • Sean Bryan: Complete
  • Najee Richardson: Complete
  • Joe Moravsky: Complete