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You can apply for season 10 right now

The casting department is now taking submissions for the next season of the show.

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

The American Ninja Warrior casting submission webpage has been updated for season 10! This means that they’re now taking applications for next season’s show. To the hundreds of people who’ve asked us how you get on the course, here ya go!

You have until 11:59 pm PST on January 2nd to send in your application. You’ll need to fill in a pretty lengthy questionnaire about yourself and submit a video showing off your personality, your story and, of course, your Ninja skills.

Feeling a little intimidated by the process? Don’t worry. We’ve got some expert advice for you.

We spoke with Angelou Deign, the show’s Casting Director during last season’s application process. She gave some great insight on what she and her team look for in the sea of thousands of applications.

We also spoke to Ninja Warrior veterans like Meagan Martin and Ian Dory on what they think makes a great application video.

Also, Executive Producer Brian Richardson gave us his opinions on how to stand out in the crowd!

So don’t be shy! If you have ever watched the show and thought, “I can do that,” then get your application started. Every single one of your favorite Ninja Warriors has gone through this process. Need proof? Here’s the first time producers laid eyes on Jessie Graff, Flip Rodriguez, Grant McCartney and Daniel Gil!

American Ninja Warriors' first submission tapes

Jessie Graff did her first NBC American Ninja Warrior audition tape in a tree with a ukulele.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Sunday, December 18, 2016

Want to have a presence on next season’s course without having to compete? We’re taking Obstacle Design Challenge submissions until September 30. Be a Ninja, or stump them with an obstacle. The choice is yours!