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Kevin Bull’s entire Stage Two run

The video gave us a solid look at what we could expect on the season finale.

Kevin Bull’s entire run on Stage Two was released just prior to the airing of the season finale. It gave us a great look at the new obstacles in action, and just what Kevin and the Ninjas were against.

We start off with the Giant Ring Swing, which Kevin handles with ease.

The Salmon Ladder has a new twist this season. It’s now the Criss-Cross Salmon Ladder. Ninjas will have to change directions twice to complete the obstacle.

The difficult Wave Runner is back. Just the look on Kevin’s face proves how much concentration this requires.

The new Swing Surfer looks like a fun ride. Kevin passed this obstacle easily.

Then it was on to Wingnut Alley, which is a horribly evil twist on the Daytona Wingnuts. Ninjas must make huge leaps between Wingnuts that change direction twice.

Kevin put all his power into his first leap between Wingnuts. So much power that he ended up knocking his chin and falling!

The fall closed out another really strong season for Kevin.

After he climbed out of the water, he showed us all where he hit his chin.

After seeing this, we were left feeling pretty concerned about the fate of the other Ninjas! The season finale of American Ninja Warrior aired Monday September 18 on NBC.