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The next stage of the National Finals will feature at least four grueling new obstacles

On the last episode of this season’s ‘Crashing the Course,’ Alex Weber introduces the new obstacles on Stages Two and Three

The American Ninja Warrior season might be speeding to a close, but there are still some surprises left in store!

On the last episode of ‘Crashing the Course’ for season nine, Alex takes us through the terrifying new obstacles we’ll see on stages Two and Three.

On Stage Two, we’ll first see the Swing Surfer. Ninjas will have to jump to a pendulum and then carefully time their next jump to a rope.

Then they’ll face the Staggered Wingnuts. Ouch. The Wingnuts were hard enough on the Daytona course. Now competitors will have to navigate two angle changes and three momentum shifts.

Stage Three introduces the “corner of chaos” when two new obstacles are stacked up back to back. First there’s the Peg Clouds.

Aw, doesn’t that sound nice? NOPE. The Ninjas will have to cross downward facing beams using their feet and moveable pegs that they’ll have to take with them as they go.

Last, there’s the new Time Bomb. Exhausted after expending so much energy on the course, the Ninjas will traverse a series of hooks using only globe grasps on rings.

Anything new for Stage Four? No. Don’t mess with perfection!

If we get to Stage Four, the Ninjas will still face a timed 80 foot rope climb to the top!

Since it’s the last episode of the season, Alex wanted to go out with a bang! He had you, the fans, vote on if he should try the Double Dipper, or the Domino Pipes.

Your votes overwhelmingly selected the Double Dipper! Does Alex make it to the end without getting wet? (He has been splashing around a lot this season... Sorry, Alex!) Find out in the episode above!

You can see all these new obstacles in action on the September 18 episode of American Ninja Warrior.