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David Campbell is finally back where he belongs

After five years, the original competitor moves on to Stage Two!

David Campbell is an American Ninja Warrior original. He’s one of the few competitors who’s stepped on to the course every single season for the past nine years.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the National Finals, David has hit a string of bad luck. It’s been five years since he’s survived Stage One and moved on to Stage Two. In season eight, he was bumped off the bubble in the Los Angeles City Finals, and didn’t even get his shot at Las Vegas.

This season, he’s back and he made the most of it!

It took him a second to decide which grip to the use on the Double Dipper bar, but once he had it, he was locked in.

He had no trouble with the Jumping Spider. He’s seen it a few times before.

David was totally smooth on Parkour Run. There was no hesitation as he moved from the steps, to the rope, to the landing platform.

After a trip across the Domino Pipes, he was faced with the last obstacle, the Flying Squirrel.

David knew he was just a few seconds away from breaking the curse.

But he didn’t need to be worried. He was through to the cargo net with almost 30 seconds to spare.

David Campbell is back where he belongs, at the National Finals and heading to Stage Two!

Find out how David does on Stage Two during the September 18 episode of American Ninja Warrior.