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Najee Richardson looked downright comfortable on Stage One

It’s only his second trip to the National Finals, but he already looks like he’s been here many times.

Najee Richardson has been taking flight all season on American Ninja Warrior. In his first season (season 7), he had an early departure in the Qualifying round, but he hasn’t looked back since.

Season nine marks only his second return to the National Finals. Najee took it as an opportunity to spread his wings on the course. He tackles each obstacle with a level of comfort usually reserved for the long time veterans.

A former gymnast, he had no trouble with the trampoline to the Propeller Bar.

He had so much momentum after the Double Dipper that he had to take a front handspring to get rid of it!

On Parkour Run, Najee missed the landing on his first pass, but it didn’t take long for him to make the correction needed to escape.

On the Warped Wall, he showed off what has become his signature more: Literally going airborne to grab the top ledge of the Wall.

With a comfortable amount of time left on the clock, he cleared the Flying Squirrel.

Najee’s yell of triumph was a thing of beauty. He deserved that celebration after a fantastic run.

Najee will be back on the course September 18 to face Stage Two!