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Tyler Yamauchi smashed the idea that height could hinder his performance

Even on obstacles that favor taller competitors, Tyler looked like they were made for him.

Tyler Yamauchi has been a blast to watch all season. He attacks the course with a vibrant energy and a palpable joy that’s infectious.

He has the well-earned nickname of “the Muscle Ball,” because he seems to be pure strength! While at 61” tall, Tyler is one of the shortest Ninjas, he proves over and over that it’s not a setback for him.

On the Double Dipper, Tyler had to reach high to even grab the bar.

But he cleared the gap with so much force he could have grabbed the next bar with his armpits.

For his second season in a row, Tyler cleared the Jumping Spider, setting aside all those ideas that it’s too hard for shorter competitors. He is the shortest person ever to complete the obstacle.

On Parkour Run, he stood on top of the fifth step to launch himself at the rope.

Last season, Tyler was stumped by the Warped Wall and timed out there. This time, he took a quick second to prepare himself and went for it full force.

He even gave the Wall a little kiss hello and goodbye!

Off to the Flying Squirrel, Tyler was cruising at a great pace.

With that, Tyler hit the buzzer and cleared his path to Stage Two!

Nothing on American Ninja Warrior is more fun than watching a competitor learn and grow, overcoming obstacles that held them back in the past and breaking down any stereotypes about what they can accomplish!

Tyler will be back on September 18 to take on Stage Two.