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Drew Drechsel obliterated the time limit on Stage One

He left a whole minute on the clock!

Let’s just be blunt. Drew Drechsel was fast on Stage One of the National Finals. How fast? So fast that it will probably take you longer to read this article than watch his run. So fast that it was actually really hard to get any clean looking screen grabs to share with you. (THANKS, Drew.)

He looked a little tangled on the Propeller Bar, but it wasn’t an issue.

On Parkour Run, he decided to hop on top of the fourth step, skip the rope, and leap directly to the landing platform.

By the time he hit the Warped Wall, he was well on his way to the fastest completion of the night.

The Domino Pipes didn’t even have time to fall before he was done with them.

Watch how big his last lache is to the cargo net.

He landed so high he barely had to climb at all.

Drew hit the buzzer with over a solid minute left on the clock, the fastest clear of all the Stage One competitors. This was our expression while taking that information in.

Drew will take on Stage Two during the September 18 episode of American Ninja Warrior.